Everyday essentials for

the conscious.

Everyday essentials for the conscious.

Sustainable high-quality cloths and accessories made with care for people and planet. 

Conscious choices for every day

Sustainable plaids, hamam cloths and accessories of high quality, made with care for people and planet. 


We follow the highest environmental standards in our production process and do everything we can to reduce our ecological footprint.

High-quality and timeless

Our products are handmade with care and quality materials. They are also never out of style. Get ready to enjoy it for many seasons.

Fair production

Our production studio is a place where our local team can socialize, learn new skills, and become independent and financially secure.
New arrival

Elegance plaid

Our Elegance collection just got a new cosy and stylish addition. Perfect for on your bed or couch, and big enough to snuggle under.

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About us

Our products tell a story

The story of two women with an enormous drive to bring change to the textile industry. And of dozens more who now have an opportunity for a better life. A story of both responsibility and respect – for people and planet.

Our impact in 2021

Conscious on every step of the way

The textile industry generates tons of waste and contributes to water pollution, CO2 emission, and gender inequality. As a B-corp certified company, we actively reduce our footprint by ensuring the highest environmental, social and ethical standards in our production.
Our project

Empowering women in underdeveloped communities

In Turkey, women in smaller villages weave from home and earn very little for their work. At our studio, our team of local women can develop socially and professionally. As well as become independent and financially secure.