What we do

We make everyday essentials with sustainability at the core of our brand

The textile industry is a sector where child labor, gender inequality, excessive use of water, land, energy, chemicals, and high CO2 emission are commonplace. 

Instead, we’re a small business making high-quality products with responsibility and respect for people and planet. Through our products, we hope to spread the message that by acting together, we can change the world.

Our essence

Oxious is a combination of oxygen and consciousness.
We are conscious of every step in our production process while ensuring the highest social, ethical and environmental standards.

The Oxious way

Care for people

At our production studio, our team of local women are paid above minimum wage and can develop socially and professionally.


We use up to 50% recycled materials and upcycle our production waste. Our paper packagings are either recyclable or biodegradable.


We believe transparency is much needed in the industry. We are 100% transparent about our processes and impact on people and planet.

Who we are

Helping create new balance between people and planet

Making high-quality products that make people happy, according to the highest environmental, social and ethical standards.


We woiuld like to inspire others to take action, and together, accelerate the movement towards a more sustainable economy.

Full of passion and ambition

Our story
Our founders Esther and Loes deeply believe that we need to take better care of people and our environment. That we need to take collective action in order to drive the change we want to see in the world. This drive is at the core of Oxious from the very beginning. Starting a business with such a strong purpose might be harder but as they always say: “difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.”
And this journey brought them to the small village of Kızılcabölük,  Turkey. This village is located in an area where gender inequality is very high. That’s where we set up our production studio, staffed by local women, who receive greater social and financial opportunities. Now we hope that, through our products, our message can inspire you to join us in this sustainable movement.

Meet the team

Esther Smit


Loes Stapper


Mirthe van der Linde

Sales & Back-office

Laís Oliveira

Branding & UI/UX design

Davina Verkuyl