Women project

Gender inequality is a care for everybody

Turkey is, according to investigation of the United Nations, ranked as one of the lowest countries in the world when it comes to gender parity. Gender inequality is a big issue not just in Turkey but also in the textile industry across the globe.

That’s why we set up the Women Project at our production studio in the village of Kızılcabölük, Turkey. A project that’s proudly changing lives of dozens of women who are now given the opportunities they need to thrive.

About our project

Women empowering women

At our studio, our team weave and pack our towels by hand. All in a good and supportive environment where they can learn new technical skills and socialize.

These were once isolated women who worked from home and received almost nothing for their hard work. Now they get paid fair wages and have access to their well deserved worker rights such as: insurance, maternity leave, and pension.

When we set up the studio, only three women responded to our vacancy. They came with their husbands, quiet and insecure. Now, our team keeps only growing.

We’re so happy to see how they’ve developed into self-confident, independent women who can guide each other and have the technical skill to operate weaving machines themselves. Not only that, two of them are now the first women to get a drivers license in the whole village.


Changing lives for the better

"I'm very, very happy

“This was my first work experience . I was very happy with my chance. Thanks to the job, I made some friends. Later, I learned how to use electronic machines that I did not know.”

"Growing my self-confidence

Very nice place to work. Here you have friends, you share. You have better pay, you can buy what you want yourself. You don’t need to ask anyone for money anymore.”

Our goal

To keep growing our studio so we can offer more women the opportunities and support they need to develop and thrive.