Our vision is to create a movement towards and inspiring others to fair production in the textile industry, with 100% transparent production processes. We are conscious in every step in the supply chain and strive for a positive impact on society and the environment through our operations and activities. 

Oxious is a combination of oxygen and conscious; we feel the need to reduce damage to the environment so that enough oxygen is left to sustain life on our planet. We are continuously aware of this in our production process of hammam towels and other sustainable products, in our packaging and the way we treat our employees.


The Articles of Association, substantiate our vision and mission:

  • Article 2.C: “one of the Company’s goals is to have a significant positive impact on society and the environment in general through its business operations and activities.”

  • Article 16.7: “In their decision-making, the directors will also take into account the social, economic, legal or other consequences of the business of the company with regard to: (i) the employees, subsidiaries and suppliers; (ii) the interests of the Company’s customers and its subsidiaries; (iii) the communities and society in which the company, its subsidiaries and suppliers operate their business; (iv) the local and global environment; (v) the short and long term interests of the company.

Our mission is to make high-quality products that make people happy, according to the highest environmental, social and ethical standards and with sustainability at the core of our brand value. In our path to 100% circularity we place high value on our stakeholders and their knowledge and skills to achieve and maintain this mission.


Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

In every decision, we make in our company, implementation of the Global Sustainable Development Goals and efforts to improve them are more leading for our company than financial profit. Oxious directly contributes to the SDGs presented in the image. 


Supply chain governance 

In the last few years we established good relationships with our stakeholders and partnered up with like minded companies. Oxious entrusts stakeholders to be transparent in their business practices and exclude malicious activities and behavior. To safeguard our vision and mission we have set requirements with expected practices and behavior for partners in our supply chain disclosed in the following documents:

  1. Ten Business Principles: We believe that together we can make much more impact than alone! Yet we notice that there is still a lot of greenwashing and bad practices around us. Suppliers and partners must comply with the ten principles before we join forces. Let’s make this world a better place, together! Ten Business Principles
  2. Supplier Code of Conduct: Oxious places high value on using business as a force for good. Employees, workers and the environment should be treated well with respect and dignity. Supplier Code of Conduct
  3. Materials Policy: We do not want to harm the environment, employees or customers. Some substances are hazardous and could cause sincere damage if not handled correctly. The substances in the Materials Policy are restricted to safeguard people’s health and the environment. Materials Policy


Increasing our impact 

In the textile industry, many steps still need to be taken to make the production process more sustainable and fair. Producing new products from virgin materials requires thousands of liters of water, energy, CO2 and land. Besides the ecological impact, there is currently an exponentially growing amount of textile waste. 

By consciously using recycled yarn, the majority of the water is already saved in our production process. Our products are made through women in a small mountain area in Turkey.  They are offered equal opportunities, receive a fair wage, are socially secured and build up a pension. However, we want to do more and be better every day… That is why we challenge ourselves every year to increase our social impact and reduce our environmental impact. Read our Environmental & Social goals for 2022 here.  Environmental and social goals