“Our beautiful towels come with a story.

The story of saving water. The story of living sustainably. The story of taking care

of each other and equal opportunities for everyone. Because together we can change the world.

One towel at a time.”

Hammam towels

From recycled yarns

Oxious has a wide range of high-quality hammam towels, made with a positive impact for people and the environment. We developed our own hammam towels, which consist of 50% recycled materials. They are produced in our own production facility in Turkey. We work there with women in a social context, where there is room for growth and development. 


Let's make the world better


Our beautiful soft clothes are made by local women in a small village in Turkey. They are handmade with love and care for the environment.

Tailor-made projects

Personalized hammam towels

In addition to our beautiful collections for consumers, we also produce hammam towels for promotional purposes. Together with our clients, we look for the most suitable offer and design for each project or campaign. Oxious supplies custom-made hammam towels for every project


Recycled Cotton

All our cloths contain at least
50% recycled materials.

Water saving

Oxious uses 50% recycled materials. As a result, just one towel saves 1,150 – 18,000 liters of water compared to bath towels and non-recycled hammam towels.

Bron: Publication Water Footprint Network (www.waterfootprint.org)

Conscious in every details

Oxious is a combination of Oxygen and Consciousness. We are aware of every step in our production process and take the best possible care of people and our planet.

Transparency is our standard

We are transparent in what we do. We show that sustainability is our daily concern.
To do this, we use the Global Sustainable Enterprise System (GSES).
In January 2020, we became the first company in the world with the Sustainable AA ranking. Sustainable AA-ranking.


Oxious works together with other social and sustainable partners for more impact: