Life on Land

Attention for forests and biodiversity by using recycled and sustainable materials

Good jobs and Economic Growth

Social working conditions, fair working hours and built-in breaks

Good Health

Social insurance for staff. Donations of hammam towels to refugee camps

Responsible Consumption

Production waste is collected for recycling and reused in our productions

Gender Equalty

OXIOUS Women's Project promotes women's development and independence

Reduced Inequalities

Living wages, employment contracts and personal growth for staff

Climate Action

Water savings through recycled yarns in our collection. We strive for 100% circularity

Partnerships for the goals

Collaboration with sustainable partners to create more impact:

The sustainable movement

Oxious has an enormous drive to create transparency, equality and awareness in the textile industry. Something has to change in the textile industry and Oxious is fully committed to do so. 
Thanks to Lennart Blok from Alterego en Tim Thanks to Lennart Blok from Alterego and Tim Hoekstra, we have been able to create a fantastic video that reflects what Oxious stands for and what our drive is in an original way. The short movie perfectly reflects Oxious's mission and we are proud to present it to you. 
In this article you will learn more about who Oxious is and the movement Oxious is deploying within the textile industry.


Oxious works with women in a small village near Denizli, Turkey. They knot our cloths by hand and package them in our workshop in their own village. Previously, the women did this handicraft from home and received a small amount per cloth.

Thanks to Oxious, these women now work together under good working conditions. They receive more than the minimum wage, build up a pension and are insured in the event of illness and incapacity for work. The women have more social contacts and are more independent.


Creating a movement towards and inspiring others to fair production in the textile industry, with 100% transparent production processes.


Making high-quality products that make people happy, according to the highest environmental, social and ethical standards and with sustainability at the core of our brand value.


Oxious works together with other social and sustainable partners for more impact: